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The story of He Cares Foundation began when Joe Dean Sola, after eight years of serving in the Christian Community he belonged to, felt the need to do something for the poor and the marginalized society, specifically the street children.

With determination in his heart, he pursued this longing by going to the streets and spending time with the children. He even lived among the poor in squatters’ areas as part of his immersion.

Meanwhile, Ardis Abrogar quit her high paying job in a government corporation. After much thinking and praying, she left the company she had been working in for six years. She knew she wanted to do something worthwhile for the unfortunate. On her own, she volunteered to take care of abandoned babies in an orphanage. She also spent time visiting various institutions for the abandoned elderly, drug dependents, and orphans.

The couple prayed to God to show them where He was leading them. When their son, Jerome, was 3 months old, he suffered from severe diarrhea and had to be confined in the hospital. They saw this as a sign from the Lord to go back to the city. On August 10, 1996, barely one week after they had settled with Ardis’ parents, God’s mission was revealed to them.

Joe Dean noticed two young boys with tattered clothes playing at the waiting shed in front of their house. He brought them to the nearby store and fed them with bread and soft drinks. He told them to come back the next day and bring their other friends who were hungry too. Joe Dean did not have to wait for the following day because after a few hours, four other children came back. Joe Dean and Ardis decided to feed them daily from their own resources. Joe Dean started his work of investigating the background of these kids. The number of hungry children knocking at their door grew day by day. As the number of street kids increased, they thought of asking the help of their Community for financial support. This is the start of the Street Children Ministry.

In February 1997, Joe Dean and Ardis moved into their own apartment where their garage was converted into a caring center for street children. Many years have passed since that day in August. The Ministry has survived with the help of friends and even total strangers.

The couple has never been as fired up to continue living out their mission as they are today. They are amazed at how the good Lord sends people to help them in His work. To date, an average of 40 street kids take their meal and bath at the caring center daily and over 400 children receive nutritious meals every Saturday.

In 1994, one of the leaders in Joe Dean's Community was so inspired by Joe Dean’s work that he wanted to do a project for the poor. Together, they planned and discussed developing a housing site for the poor. An idle agricultural plot of land at the hillside of Montalban was suggested as the site for the project. Ardis was asked to help in whatever way she could. She devoted all her time to this new project. Both Joe Dean and Ardis became deeply involved and committed to this undertaking. Soon after, realizing they shared the same vision and mission in life, they got married and vowed to continue with their work for the poor.

The couple decided to live in Montalban and carry out God’s work there. By then, the housing project was ready to take care of the wounded people of society. In 1996, Ardis gave birth to their first baby. They kept firm about their decision to live there despite the absence of water and electricity. Family members and friends discouraged them and asked them to go back to the city, considering that they had a newborn baby. On February 7, 2008, HCMSCCI was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) under Reg # CN200P01903 as a non-stock, non-profit organization. The purpose of the organization is to care for the poor, especially the street children, by providing for their basic needs of food, clothing, health education and temporary shelter.