He Cares

Back to God

The “Balik-Loob sa Diyos” (Back to God) Program is the core project of the He Cares Mission that helps street children and their families develop and grow a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Back to Health

He Cares Mission holds feeding sessions for street children every Saturday. “The Party,” as it is called, caters to about 250 kids each week providing much-needed quality meals.

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Back to School

He Cares Mission believes also that education is a right and not a privilege, and is the best way to create change in the lives of these children. Sponsorships are solicited and livelihood projects are established to fund their educational needs.

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Back to Home

The “Balik-Bahay” (Back to Family) Program facilitates the reunification of families of street children and assists in providing decent, permanent housing whenever possible. The Program also runs a temporary shelter managed by a Household “Kuya” (Elder Brother), an assistant Kuya and a Kitchen Staff for homeless boys, providing decent sleeping quarters, clean toilets, good food and a nurturing community.

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Back to Work

The Program assists and guides committed families by administering workshops, conducting financial literacy sessions and providing micro financing opportunities to help them start their own livelihood projects that would guarantee a sustainable income for the betterment of their lives.

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Promised Land

The He Cares Mission Promised Land aims to heal the landscape by creating a sustainable farm village.

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