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God is still a God of Restoration and Healing

Posted by jaygauten, 2018 July 10

The He Cares Center welcomed Marvin Jasareno to its fold last June 2018. Marvin is one of 8 chidlren of Maureen, a plain housewife, and of Raul, a tricycle driver. About 2 years ago in one of our feeding parties, our Back-to-Health Program Servant, Sheing, noticed a lump on his neck. She advised his mom to go to the barangay health center for a check-up. That check-up never happened. Marvinstopped coming to He Cares. To our surprise, he came back in April 2017 and asked our help for the lump which almost tripled its size.

Immediately, we searched for possible support for cases like Marvin’s. We found the Stairway Foundation in Puerto Galera which newly opened its facilities to help streetkids with tuberculosis. Marvin stayed with Stairway for a whole year for his physical treatment, as well as values formation.

Marvin is completely different now. He used to hide in his thick clothing and hoodie. He was so ashamed of his physical condition. He would avoid conversing with anyone. Not anymore. Marvin now smiles at everyone and gets along well with the other kids at the Center.