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The Future of the World is in my Classroom Today

Posted by jaygauten, 2018 September 28

The Back to School Program has always desired that all its scholars be in private schools. This schoolyear 2018-2019, it was able to enroll 3 boys from the shelter at the APEC (Affordable Private Education Center). The APEC is a joint venture agreement between the Ayala Corporation and a U.K. based educational company, Pearson PLC, to provide access to world-class private education at an affordable price. 

Through the generosity of He Cares Belfast, our boys, Kiram, Rodel, and Aly, stepped into the APEC premises to begin their high school journeys. The boys were excited and nervous to be in a totally new environment where English is the major language of communication, where classrooms are airconditioned, and where there are only 30 students in a section.